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Advisory Services

Comprehensive management solutions for real estate developments in Washington DC.

Advisory building

Development Management

As a fee developer, our team will oversee a project from entitlement, through design, construction and lease-up. We represent the interests of the property owners by effectively steering the trajectory of the project. We will coordinate with contractors, manage the varied administrative tasks associated with new builds, & continually assess risks to keep the project on time & budget.

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Property Management

We offer property management consulting services throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. We strive to create value for stakeholders by streamlining outdated processes, developing revenue opportunities, identifying cost-saving measures and establishing platforms to keep residents and tenants satisfied and engaged with our team.

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Project Management

Our team provides project management in conjunction with property management or as a standalone service. From updating an asset's ongoing capital plan to handling the day-to-day administrative tasks associated with renovations, our team offers comprehensive solutions for investors eager to capitalize on the full potential of their real estate portfolios.

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Asset Management

Our experience in real estate management combined with our holistic approach to asset management creates value for property owners. Our commitment to evaluating and streamlining property operations and assessing market conditions boosts long term returns, even in challenging economic conditions.

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Construction management

Contract bidding, negotiation, building control...we take the guesswork out of construction and renovation. From keeping on eye on quality control to guaranteeing conformance with project specifications, we provide objective analyses throughout the project and we ensure the work stays within scope.


Doris is a dynamic force in the real estate operating and development industry. She is highly regarded by her peers not only for her savvy as it relates to her intimate and insightful knowledge from development through stabilization and ultimate disposition but also as a strong collaborator. She is keen with a laser focus on getting things done. I am fortunate to have her as a resource and peer.

Cynthia Tanner - Fortitude Advisory Services

It has been my good fortune to have the opportunity to work with Doris on several very successful construction and development projects over the course of many years. Her project management skills, knowledge of the design process, experience in navigating difficult jurisdictional requirements and financing strategies, in addition to her overall capacity and ability to gather and align various stakeholders and interests is tremendous. She’s been a tremendous asset to every project we’ve been involved with together. I’ve very much enjoyed working with her in the past and look forward to being able to work with her more in the future.

Michael Green - Bozzuto Construction Company

Project Showcase

Project Syndication

We identify prime opportunities for local real estate investors.


Deal Discovery

Investing with Oculus is an appealing option for qualified investors looking for limited risk options for capital preservation and yield. We target multifamily and retail properties in value-based markets that represent strong growth potential. Our team actively works to identify new opportunities.


Partnership development

We handle the details of structuring the syndication relationship and carefully vet all potential investors to ensure we find the suitable investment strategies. Successful partnerships are built on establishing strong relationships, mutual financial goals and clearly defined objectives, which we define from the project outset.


Investment Management

Properties acquired under our syndication schemes are managed by the Oculus team. This comprehensive approach provides a headache-free alternative to traditional investment models that require third-party property management oversight.